William E. Pitts II

AMVETS Post 312 Commander



The Commander’s Welcome


First of all, thank you all for allowing me to serve you as your Commander for the new year. I was over whelmed with the large amount of members who came out to vote and voted for me. It was an unexpected reception you gave me for winning the election. Thank you!

I promise you, I will serve you with the best efforts I can put forward to move us in a positive direction. As I always say "this is our post" no one person post, we are a family that will pull together and work together. Each and every voice is important to me and you will be heard. I will always have an open door policy to listen and work together with each one of you. 

We have a beautiful post but there is much work to be done. If I had to choose the most important agenda for this administration it would be to complete our addition and reduce our mortgage by 30-50%. I know it will take an all out effort which I am willing to diligently pursue with everyone's help. To me the simple solution is to continue what we are doing and increase our efforts all the way around making sure and guaranteeing that each and every dollar goes where it is designated to go without exception. With that in mind, any and all ideas for games, fundraisers or events are welcomed, and of course any and all volunteer participation is always welcomed and appreciated.

We can and will move forward together. #2 post in the state is not good enough......chasing #1 will be fun and exciting.....I have always been known for coming from behind to win. Its a relay race and you have handed the baton to me.........I am off and running!!!!








The Missing Man Table


This TABLE, set for one, is our way of symbolizing the fact that members of our military family are missing from our midst.  They are commonly called POW/MIA's.  We call them "brothers".  They are unable to be with us this day, and so this is the way we remember them:

This TABLE set for one is small - symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner alone against his oppressors.

The TABLECLOTH is white - symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country's call to arms.

The single ROSE display in a vase reminds us of the families and loved ones of our comrades-in-arms who keep the faith awaiting their return.

The yellow RIBBON tied so prominently on the vase is reminiscent of the yellow ribbon worn on the lapel and breast of thousands who await their return and who bear witness to unyielding determination to demand a proper accounting of our missing.

A slice of Lemon is on a bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate.

There is SALT upon the bread plate - symbolic of the families tears as they wait.

The GLASS is inverted - they cannot raise their glass in a toast with us.

The CHAIR - The chair is empty - They are absent from our sight but not our heart.

REMEMBER - All of you who served with them and called them comrades, who depend upon their might and aid, and relied upon them; for surely they have not forsaken you.

AWESOME "ANGEL FLIGHT" - Give thanks for the sacrifices our men and women in the military make every day to protect our freedom. The video is moving. (Click this Link).