District 10





What a difference since our "snowbirds"
have headed home, all posts have a lot less activity that's for sure.
Hopefully we will keep our goals alive and plan ahead for the next season.  I'm sure revenue at all Posts
have declined but we can concentrate on increasing membership
& other ways to keep our Posts active and able to run smoothly.
In June each post will have voted on their new E-board officers for the years 2017-18
I wish them a great year and hope everyone thanks them for their service and for the responsibility they have taken an oath for.

District X will have their meeting at Post 2000
On May6th with our District X picnic to follow. They too will have elected new Officers. I'm sure we will have a great day and thank-you Post 2000 and staff for sponsoring it and all you do for the district.

  Moving on to a few kudos to our Posts.
Post 301 and 312 volunteered to work the Sharks Tooth Festival last month with proceeds for the Special Olympics. Thanks to all!
Post 941 in Palmetto had a week-end they donated to help a wounded Veteran in need. 
Post 2000 raised a substantial amount of funds for their yearly Veterans project and it was a lot, I mean a lot of fun!
Post 312 awarded two ROTC students at North Port High School
Scholarships for a thousand dollars each
to help with college expenses. Both plan on military careers after graduating.
  You all make District X
the best of the best.
Thank you for your service and, as always,
"It's not the price you paid to join AMVETS, it's the price you paid for eligibility "

Barbara J. McGann

District X Commander



Barbara J. McGann, Commander

AMVETS Department of Florida

District X


As most of you may know Stacy Rhodes resigned as District X Commander.  As the 1st Vice Commander of District X, I was asked by the Department Commander to step up as the District X Commander.  I have agreed and promise that District X will be one of the best Districts in the Department.  Our District consists of Post 312 and 2000 in North Port, Post 301 in Ellenton and now Post 941 in Palmetto.


Our commitment to service traces its roots back to 1948 when veteran volunteers first began helping veterans of World War II obtain the benefits promised them by the federal government. As the number of returning veterans swelled into the millions, it was evident that some sort of nationally organized assistance for them would be needed. The older established national groups wouldn’t do; the leaders of this new generation of veterans wanted their own organization.

With that in mind, eighteen of them, representing nine veteran’s clubs, met in Kansas City, Missouri and founded The American Veterans of World War II on Dec. 10, 1944. Less than three years later, on July 23, 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed Public Law 216, making AMVETS the first World War II organization to be chartered by Congress.


Since then, the original charter has been amended several times to admit as members those who served in different eras. Today, membership in AMVETS is open to anyone who is currently serving, or who has honorably served, in the U.S. Armed Forces from World War II to the present, to include the National Guard and Reserves. 


The AMVETS organization has grown and evolved over the years to best serve each new generation of veterans and their families. As the organization moves further into the 21st century, it does so with the conviction that its focus on preserving freedom, supporting America’s defenders and serving her communities remains a clear blueprint for continued service to God and country.  District X will play a much more active role in this conviction.


Our Constitution and Bylaws shows us the path to follow.  Our members give us the resources needed for successful accomplishments.  We as leaders need to energize our resources and become the best of the best.  We meet three times a year.  Any member of our 4 Posts can attend our meetings with voice and vote.  In the past, our meetings have not been well attended.  One of my goals is to get more active participation.  I would like to have a traveling trophy that will go to the


Post with the most members attending the District Meetings.  We will discuss this at our first District X meeting.

As the new District X Commander, I will do everything I can to ensure our Posts revalidate every year and continue in good standing.  My staff stands ready to assist in any way they can to make your organizations stronger.


Yours in Service,

Barbara McGann, Commander

District X


Around District 10

Post 301 http://www.amvetspost301.org

Post 312 http://www.amvetspost312.org

Post 2000 http://www.amvets2000.com

Post 941 http://www.amvetspost941.org

Dept of FL http://www.amvetsdof.com