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We, the Sons of AMVETS (American Veterans), fully realizing our responsibility to our parents, community, State and Nation, associate ourselves for the following purposes:

    To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America
 flagTo safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all;sons logo

    To promote the cause of peace and goodwill amongst nations;
    To maintain the freedom of our country;
    To preserve the fundamentals of democracy;
    To perpetuate the friendships and associations of the AMVETS

    To dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance...this by the
    Grace of God.

Sons of AMVETS: sons@amvetspost312.org

AMVETS POST 312 Officers 2017-2018








February 2018  Sons Report


The Sons still need a few members to hold an office as we have several vacant positions. The main requirement to hold an office is you need to attend our meetings. The Squadron 312 Sons meeting is the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Please attend a meeting and introduce yourself to your fellow Sons.


The Sons yearly dues are $35.00 and are good through December 31 each year. The renewal cards have been received by our 1st Vice and are available at the Post, they are not mailed to you. This year Jan Danner is our 1st Vice and he will put your signed card in the box behind the bar. Please pay with a check made out to The Sons of AMVETS, write your membership number on the check. The squadron accepts cash but it is you responsibility to receive a receipt with the amount, date, your card number, and the name of the person who received the cash. The AMVETS dues expire 4 months prior to the SONS dues.


Yours in Service,

Tom Serianni